Promising Practices
to Build Healthy Active
Native Communities

We've researched and implemented the best ways to build healthy, active native communities like yours. Learn more about HANC

Native Communities' Nutrition & Fitness Programs

AAIP's Healthy Active Native Communities program helps communities all over the US implement programs that help build a healthier overall life. You can take what we learned and implement it in your community. Our communities have shared the details – what it takes, how to plan, how to encourage participants, and what impact they had on their community.  Read more

Sharing Community Success

There's not enough success shared related to American Indian and Alaska Native communities. We work to change that. We want to celebrate you! Read through success stories sent in by communities like yours, or send us one to share. Learn more.

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“It is good to see the community coming together to plant a garden as an extended family as we once did years ago. It is nice to return to our roots.”

- Elder
Ho-Chunk Nation Community Pallet Gardens Program