Journal Reviews

In 2014, AAIP expert consultants, Drs. Janis Campbell and Amanda Janitz, conducted a review of the journal articles used by the Community Preventive Services Task Force to determine which obesity prevention strategies were evidence-based or shown scientifically to be effective at preventing obesity. 

The purpose of the review by Drs. Campbell and Janitz was to determine if those articles used by the Task Force, to determine effectiveness of obesity prevention strategies, included American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities/participants in their studies. Our question was, “Had any of the recommended obesity prevention strategies been tested in AI/AN communities and/or culturally adapted for AI/AN communities?” 

We conducted a review of the articles that were used by the Community Guide Task Force to determine whether or not to recommend obesity prevention strategies. Only one article included AI/AN in the sample size. A secondary review was conducted to determine if additional research existed. Ten articles were found that utilized these strategies and included a predominantly AI/AN sample size.

Peer Review Journal Articles: